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These are the communities being catered at the moment. By donating you become a part of our family who is keen on providing the tools to develop young minds who do not have the opportunity to do so by their own means.

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Sede Los Anaucos

Los Anaucos is a rural area in the outskirts of Caracas. This was the first project we embarked on in 2015 and has been operational ever since.

This project began with the mission of providing support to low income children, by offering extracurricular activities, school levelling, orientation and recreation. The number of children being served is 50, but given the extreme poverty this community lives in, there is much more to be done.

Population Served: 50 children

Las Tunitas is a population in the State of Vargas, close to where the Maiquetia International Airport is located. The facilities for the Organization are hosted by the Colegio Inmaculada.

Fundasema serves 50 children after school and during regular school hours, we collaborate with 290 children that attend the school regularly, paying for the totality of the operational expenses.

Population Served: 330 children

Sede Las Tunitas

Sede Punto Fijo

23 de Enero is located in Punto Fijo, in the State of Falcon. This is the third headquarters of the institution, located in front of the José Camejo refining complex.

This community of Punta Cardón lives in extreme poverty because the city was heavily dependent on the oil industry which has recently been in downward spiral. We currently opened a morning turn which has given us the opportunity to bring the amount of children catered to 160 while Vargas and Los Anaucos receive around 50 children.

Population Served: 160 children

Chacao is our most recently opened establishment.

We have teamed up with the Municipality of Chacao to take care of newborns up to the age of 3, in this way, we offer a great support to the mothers from this community so that they can work while their babies are being cared by the good hands of our teachers. The population being served is of roughly 30 children.

Population Served: 30 children

Sede Chacao